01 Intro to HTML

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This lesson introduces the basics of HTML and the materials for the class.

Teacher Activities

  • Introduce technologies and learning environment
  • Ensure equitable access to technology and materials
  • Explain Learning Journal, Outline Notes, and Lab expectations
  • Pre-teach vocabulary (tags / elements / meta)

Student Activities

  • Open a word processing program (Word, Pages, Docs) and write a brief narrative about your summer break. The story should not be longer than a page, but should contain enough information to make an impact on the reader.
  • Read Getting Started with HTML and create Outline Notes
  • Create your first HTML page:
    1. Create a new blank document named index.html
    2. Open this document with VS Code
    3. Code the HTML skeleton
    4. In between the body tags, paste your summer story content
    5. Mark up your content with heading tags (h1-h6) and paragraph tags (p)
    6. Add other elements where appropriate
    7. Save the file, then open with your web browser
    8. Show me your webpage!*
  • Read What’s in the head? and take Outline Notes
  • Update your web page in VSCode
    1. In the head element add meta elements
    2. Add the title element
    3. Show me your webpage!*

* When in class together, I require students to show me the project running on their computer, describe what their code did / is doing / is not doing, and answer questions or describe challenges. This can be done remotely through video, screen shots, and good documentation of code.


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