How do I …

Posted on: February 24, 2017

Welcome to my website. I teach high school students computer programming, web design, and web development. Technology changes rapidly and there is always something new to learn. I receive a lot of questions from students that begin with, “how do I…” These questions usually lead to interesting learning opportunities for my students. The purpose of this site is to share these lessons with other students.

My YouTube channel was an early attempt at this purpose. The response from the community to those early videos was encouraging. I hope the information shared on this site will be just as useful to students, while containing more comprehensive resources. I am taking the lessons learned from those early days and applying them here.

There are many excellent free resources available on the Web. My goal is not to compete with them, but to contribute to the community; to share what I have learned as a teacher. I hope this site expands the learning opportunities for all students. I hope you find the content meaningful and helpful. Happy learning!

Jeff LeBoeuf