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WordPress is an extremely popular platform for freelance Web designers for blogs and marketing sites. This course teaches the basics for creating a custom theme for your future clients.


  • Required:
    • Do you have a working knowledge of HTML and CSS?
    • Do you have some experience with any programming language?
    • Have you used WordPress before?
  • Preferred:
    • Are you familiar with PHP and a LAMP stack?
    • Do you understand the difference between client-side code and server-side code?
    • Do you understand of how websites use databases?


  1. The Basics
    1. How Do I Set up a WordPress Site?
      • Local
      • Hosting Providers
      • Cloud 9
    2. How Do I Create the Basic (minimal) Theme Files?
      • Stylesheet
      • Header, Footer, and Index
    3. How Do I Get My Styles to Work?
      • Functions and Including CSS / JS
      • Enqueueing Styles
      • Enqueueing Scripts
    4. How Do Add Navigation Menus?
    5. How Do I Add Theme Support Options?
      • Custom Backgrounds
      • Custom Headers
      • HTML 5
      • Post types
  2. Customizing
    1. Template files
    2. Content files
  3. Functionality
    1. Search and Pagination
    3. Widgets
  4. Design
    1. Bootstrap
    2. Google Fonts
    3. Scripts
    4. Plug-ins

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Where’s the rest of the course?

I’m working on it! Stay tuned!!


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